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Tear Trough Injections

Treatment Summary

Anaesthetic-Local.   Results Immediate| 9-12 months.    Procedure Time 20-30mins.  Price-From £450

What is a ‘tear trough’?

The ‘tear trough’ is a deep crease between the lower eyelid and upper cheek. It is often caused either by volume loss and the degradation of fat pads in the area as we get older or it can be genetic. A tear trough deformity can cast a shadow in the area often making people look tired or even older.

Filler can be added to this area to increase the amount of volume therefore making the skin look firmer and tighter.


9-12 months

Price From £450

18 only

Treatment time 20-30 minutes


Is it Safe?

At Complete Clinics we use TEOSYAL® Redensity II which is a filler licensed by the FDA for use in the under-eye area for tear trough correction.  Importantly, a trained doctor or nurse will administer the filler using the safest known method-via a cannula ( blunt ended needle) therefore greatly reducing the likelihood of the filler causing serious damage to vessels in the area.

How Long will the Results Last?

Normally 9-12 months

Does It Hurt?

We will make an entry point with a needle before inserting a cannula to treat the area. Therefore you will feel a mild prick when the needle is inserted and it may be slightly uncomfortable but not painful when the cannula is inserted. Overall we would rate it 2/10 for pain.

Will it Reduce My Dark Circles?

Tear trough filler is used to correct and smooth the hollow but it is not designed to lighten ‘dark circles’ or discolouration under the eye. However we can inject the area with PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma) which has been shown to have a positive effect. Please see PRP tab or contact for more information.

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